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3 AI Use Cases For Digital Agencies

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Eric Vardon
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If you’re interested in implementing AI into your business, you’ve probably thought “How can do I it?” at some point. There’s no shortage of creative ways to scale or improve a company through artificial intelligence—which can lead you to scratch your head in confusion. 

AI can transform anything imaginable: marketing, finance, security; you name it. If you’re not sold on AI just yet, here are three digital agency AI use cases.

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Tighten up marketing security with anomaly detection

When you think of cybersecurity, you probably think password protection, user access, malware, and things of that nature right? But, why don’t we think about marketing security? I’m talking about securing our ad spend, budgets, campaigns, and everything in between.

These items have vulnerabilities and faults due to human error like any other part of a company. Nonetheless, they’re often forgotten about. Budgets are overspent, campaigns don’t get turned, etc. How many times have you been there?

That’s where anomaly detection comes into the picture. Because, after all, monitoring all of those little things would require heaps of time and effort that is better spent somewhere else.

Think of anomaly detection like antivirus software for marketers. It runs in the background, silently observing any data that stands out from the rest; alerting you to take action. It’s passive, yet effective.

This chart is an excellent example:

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Imagine the bands around the straight line are standard deviation. Anything outside of those bands is anomalies that need to be studied.

Personalize the customer experience with machine learning

Personalization is more important than ever. Nobody wants to feel like a cog in a wheel. Yet, that’s what most marketing is: a message or ad designed for everyone. Every customer doesn’t respond to the same copy, offer, or timing the same way, though. 

Consider for a moment that businesses achieving a 2x ROI with marketing spend dedicate 21% of their budget to personalization

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That’s why machine learning is so powerful when customizing the customer experience.

This technology uses previously recorded and real-time data to offer suggestions for improvement. It’s capable of mapping the most profitable customer profiles along with the campaign elements they engage with the best.

Agencies can use this information to segment their customers and deliver them unique experiences. 

Make better business decisions with predictive analytics

Imagine being able to see into the future and make better business decisions. You could prevent security issues from occurring and improve marketing campaigns ahead of time. 

Well, that’s possible with predictive analytics. I’m sure you already use some form of analytics, right? This advanced type of analytics, however, uses algorithms to forecast strategies and patterns that have great potential.

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Read more about how to get started with predictive analytics on the Morphio blog.


There’s no end to the amazing things AI can do for a business. From marketing to security and finance, every department can be transformed. 

Three of the most effective ways AI can be utilized by agencies is through anomaly detection, machine learning, and predictive analytics. All of these can be used to improve targeting, security, budget spend, and more.

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Eric Vardon Profile image

Eric Vardon

CEO, Co-Founder @ Morphio

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