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April 2022 Product Update

April 2022 Product Update Featured Image


Today we released a couple of updates to Morphio features that we’re excited to share with all of our customers. Plus, new metrics! 🎉 🚀

  1. Performance Overview now shows crucial information relating to your media spend and how it’s tracking towards budget, and there’s a nice visual update. 
  2. Anomalies has been overhauled with a focus on sharing more information about statistical irregularities with regards to individual ad campaigns. 
  3. New metrics have been added, including search impression share (Google Ads), a handful “by conv. time” conversion metrics (Google Ads), as well as average order value for Google Analytics.

No action is required to use these updated features or additional metrics. For those users that have not set up ad platform budgets in Budget Monitoring, we encourage you to do so to ensure that you’re making the best use of Morphio and staying informed of ad spend irregularities.

Performance Overview Update

Last year’s release of the Performance Overview was very well received by our users and today we’re updating it to bring even more value to our agency and multi-location customers.

We have added an important new column called Media Spend Tracker to help marketers track, and monitor, media spend to budget for all client accounts on a single page. On hover, you’ll see a breakdown of the displayed media spend and budgets by ad platform.

You will also notice an updated design that displays your customizable performance metrics in a cleaner and more compact manner. And, at the bottom of the table, we have also added a total row, which displays the total values across all client accounts.

For more information on the Performance Overview, please visit our dedicated resource page.

Anomalies Overhaul

Anomalies, the longest-running feature of Morphio, has been restructured to focus on, and to bring more clarity to, changes in performance metrics for campaigns and ad platforms.

Now, individual anomalies are grouped within a parent campaign (or entire ad platform) which will help bring a focus to which metrics are up, which are down, and how that may be impacting holistic campaign performance.

Additionally, anomaly cards have been condensed to allow for easier consumption of trends and data points within the parent campaign or ad platform.

For more information on Anomalies, please visit our dedicated resource page.

Additional Metrics

We continue to listen to our users and, based on feedback, we have added a handful of new metrics to Morphio.

Search Impression Share (Google Ads). Among one of the most-requested metrics from our users, but also one with implementation nuance. Relating to search campaigns, this metric is calculated by dividing the total number of impressions (of search campaigns) by the number of eligible impressions (the inverse of daily search impression share).

Given the “estimated” nature of this metric in Google Ads, Morphio’s data may differ slightly (albeit not impacting strategic relevance) from what is displayed in Google Ads. Our Data Integrity & Accuracy resource page contains more information.

“(by conv. time)” conversion metrics (Google Ads). When it comes to tracking Google Ads conversions, some marketers opt to consider a conversion based on the day it occurs, noted in Google Ads with the “(by conv. time)” identifier, rather than the typical approach of matching it back to when the click occurred. 

by conv time conversion metrics

These metrics are relatively new to the Google Ads API and can help marketers report and/or monitor critical conversion metrics based on the day the conversion occurred. These “by conv. time” metrics, now available in Morphio, include:

  • Conversions (by conv. time)
  • Conversion Value (by conv. time)
  • Conversion Rate (by conv. time)

Average Order Value (Google Analytics). We continue to listen to feedback from our users and after a handful of requests, we have added this metric to our suite of Google Analytics data points, also available for individual channels!

Thank you to all of our users for your continued support and feedback on how we can continue to improve our platform. Keep your feedback coming!

Thank you,

The Morphio Team

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