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Exciting Update to Reporting, Metrics, and Notifications

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You asked, we listened! Today we released one of the biggest updates to Morphio yet, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with all of our users. Included in this release are:

  • Ability to create custom, shareable reports effortlessly with our reporting summary improvement, including custom sorting and more filtering options
  • Save time by now being able to monitor and analyze platform-specific and custom metrics
  • Be alerted to only the information you want with more flexible alerts
  • Simplified team management with admin control over notification settings
  • See account performance in one place in our new weekly summary email

For more details you can watch this video from our CEO Dave, or keep reading below.

Reporting Summary & Goal Settings

The biggest update to the Reporting Summary and Goal Settings has been our transition to platform-specific performance metrics. With this, you can set granular platform-specific goals and monitor progress towards achieving them.

To bring even more flexibility and control to our users, we’re excited to announce custom metrics! With our custom metric builder, users can create cross-platform metrics using various data points from connected advertising and analytics platforms. And yes, you can apply a goal to custom metrics and easily monitor progress towards achieving it in the Reporting Summary!

In addition to the items above, we have spruced up our Reporting Summary page and have added:

  • Filters to show reporting cards based on connected platform (including custom metrics) and state of goal performance
  • Sorting of reporting cards based on platform, funnel position, or custom (allowing for dragging and dropping of cards into any order you wish)
  • New sizes for reporting cards – now available in small, medium, and large

These updates to our Reporting Summary and Goal Settings set Morphio up for the future – making it easier for us to integrate new advertising and analytics platforms, and allowing you to create customized and shareable reports instantly.

Customizable Alerts & Team Notification Settings

While we were undertaking the significant overhaul to metrics and performance monitoring, we wanted to address the way our users are notified with issues, opportunities, and insights.

Among these changes is the introduction of customizable alerts – a welcomed addition as some of you may be tired of getting so many alerts (or have turned them off entirely). With this system, users can set, at the client account level, what type of alerts they wish to receive relating to landing page accessibility, goal pacing, and budget pacing – all with user-defined thresholds. Additionally, users can now be notified when a goal or budget is experiencing a zero-state – a user-defined period of time with no activity on that goal (e.g. no conversions in 1 day, or no media spend in 3 days).

In addition to the above, we have brought more control to which team members receive which type of notifications. Administrators can now easily set which team members receive which notifications for specific client accounts.

Weekly Summary Email

We’re also thrilled to announce a new weekly summary email, which combines all client accounts into a single weekly email with helpful status updates on goal performance, state of media budgets, opportunity for media re-allocation, and a summary of insights (anomalies and suggestions).

We want to thank all of our users for the continued support as we improve and expand our platform. We’re already moving forward with additional features and if you missed our recent roadmap webinar, you can watch it here.

Thank you,

The Morphio Team

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