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February 2022 Update

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Today we launched an exciting new update to Morphio that helps us continue to deliver on our promise of providing alerts, insights, and reporting for performance marketers. Updates included in this release include:

  • Updated navigation to align features to their core purpose
  • Improved focus on alerts with an interactive summary page showing all of your alerts
  • New method of setting and tracking progress to achieving goals for performance metrics

While no action is required by users, we encourage those that are currently using Morphio to log in and take a look! 

For an overview of this release continue reading or watch the short video below.

Updated Navigation

We’ve added new pages and reorganized our primary navigation to help bring clarity to the purpose of each feature in Morphio – whether that’s to configure goals and budgets to receive alerts when something isn’t quite right, or if it’s to receive insights when our machine learning algorithms identify an issue (or opportunity).

The hierarchy of our navigation is now as follows:

  • Performance Overview
  • Dashboard
  • Alerts
    • Alerts Summary
    • Goal Monitoring
    • Budget Monitoring
    • Enhanced Budget Monitoring
    • Landing Page Monitoring
    • SEO Rank Monitoring
  • Insights
    • Anomalies
    • Budget Insights (formerly known as PPC Budget Audit)
    • Suggestions
  • Reporting
    • Reporting Summary
    • Platform-specific Reports
  • Other Tools
    • Forecast
    • Audience Segments
    • Placement Auditing
    • On-page SEO Audit

View Alerts within Morphio with Alerts Summary

Morphio was built with the purpose of keeping digital marketers informed of the performance of key metrics compared to monthly goals. These alerts, as well as those relating to over-and-under spend trends, have historically been distributed by email and via Slack but are now available in the platform itself.

With the new Alerts Summary feature we make it easier to stay informed of trends and consume alerts in an interactive way.

The alerts displayed on the page can easily be filtered based on type (such as goals, budget monitoring, etc.), by platform, or by trend. We also give you the ability to filter the results by date so that you can view a historical log of alerts received.

Additionally, alerts can now be dismissed (and restored) so that you can track which alerts have been reviewed and/or addressed. 

While nearly-identical to the alerts pushed to users via email and Slack, we further enrich the alert card with a helpful plot so that you can view recent performance of the metric or budget.

We’re eager to hear your feedback on this exciting new feature that has been added for all users! For more information on the Alerts Summary, please visit our dedicated resource page.

Improved Goal Monitoring

Associating a monthly goal to a performance metric on Morphio’s Reporting Summary page has been part of the platform since day one. 

Today, we bring some exciting changes to the way we approach goals, which includes the decoupling of goals from the Reporting Summary (don’t worry, goals and their progress will still be shown on reporting cards).

What’s changing? Goals are no longer set on the Reporting Summary page and have been introduced as their own feature, appropriately named Goal Monitoring. Continue reading for more information on how Goal Monitoring works.

Under the Alerts navigation item is a new feature aptly called Goal Monitoring. Here, you can select the metrics you wish to monitor and you can set the value of the monthly goal, just as was done previously. The goal set here is also displayed on the Reporting Summary card as well as on the Dashboard if the metric is selected on each, and is also used if an alert is enabled (from Alerts tab under Platform Settings).

This new and compact way of viewing metrics and tracking the progress towards achieving monthly goals offers a much better experience for users and sets us up to bring even more flexibility to tracking progress towards goals.

For more information on Goal Monitoring, please visit our dedicated resource page.

As always, thank you to all of our users for the continued feedback on how we can improve the platform to help marketers save time by staying informed of marketing performance. Keep your feedback coming!

Thank you,

The Morphio Team

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