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Introducing: Performance Overview

Introducing: Performance Overview Featured Image


Today we’re excited to launch our brand new Performance Overview feature, a robust replacement for our Client Portfolio page, which gives users the ability to view summary information about each of their client accounts, all in a single view. 

No longer do you have to open each account to see how many goals and budgets are on/off track, or to get that quick pulse for key performance metrics – this, and more (including account organization, exporting, and adding new accounts), can all be done within the Performance Overview page.

Log in to Morphio to take a look, read our resource page, or watch our overview video.

Critical Information, for All Accounts, at a Glance

In the Performance Overview, each account set up in Morphio will have a variety of information shown, all within a single view. 

  • Goals – See how many of your goals are on-track or off-track.
  • Budgets – See how many of your budgets are on-track or off-track (over/under spending).
  • Metrics – Select up to five metrics that will show for all client accounts to get a quick view of performance.
  • Account Highlights – Quickly see details about goals and budgets that are off-track, important anomalies, and suggestions on how to improve performance.

For those looking to do a deeper analysis on the data displayed within Performance Overview, you can easily export all of the data displayed, and more, to a CSV file.

Organizing & Sorting Your Accounts

For those users with many accounts, we have added a few new ways to organize and quickly access the information you need, including:

  • Tagging – Create, apply, and filter your view based on user-created tags.
  • Searching – Quickly search the list of accounts by using the search field.
  • Sorting – Sort the list of your accounts a few different ways including by media spend and quantity of flags.
  • Favoriting – Keep your favorite accounts at the top of list!

Customization of Metrics & View

By default, your Performance Overview page will show a variety of pre-defined performance metrics. You can easily customize which metrics are shown (including custom metrics) and you can also toggle the view to show account statistics, account highlights, or both!

More Coming Soon…

The Morphio team continues towards the removal of Google Analytics as a required integration while also allowing for users to add multiple accounts from the same platform to a single account in Morphio. Stay tuned for more on this update!

Platform improvements and updates, such as the Performance Overview, often stem from feedback from our users! We want to thank everyone that provides feedback and continues to use Morphio for the on-going support as we continue to make marketing technology accessible and meaningful!

Thank you,

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