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May 2022 Product Update

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We’ve got a couple of features we’re rolling out this May that we’re super excited about and that will give our users new ways of pulling insights.

  1. Industry benchmarking – a net new feature. Ever wondered how your performance tracks against others in your industry? Well now you can see. Jumping into this tool will give you insight into how each metric performs against a benchmark so you can see where you’re doing well – and where the opportunities are.
  2. PPC investigator – our platform reports get an overhaul with this brilliant investigative tool. CPA climbing? Use this tool to track where the problem metrics are that are impacting your results for more accurate diagnosis (and therefore solutions).

No action is required to use these updated features or additional metrics. For those jumping straight into the benchmarking tool that can’t find their industry – there is a volume of clients within an industry that needs to be hit before it becomes available for benchmarking. So if it’s not available now, keep checking back and it’ll show up.

Industry Benchmarking

A that companies often ask of their digital marketers or their agency partners – how does our performance compare against the wider industry? It can be a tricky one to answer unless you’re lucky enough to find third-party studies that happen to align with your industry. 

Of course, they ask with good reason, it’s super valuable information – just hard to get at. Well, no longer. The industry benchmarking tool uses anonymous cross-platform data to establish benchmarks across industries.

The tool displays as a table for simple analysis across all key performance metrics as well as adjustable date ranges to review against an annual benchmark or pinpointing specific months of interest within your category.

PPC Investigator

We have a mantra at Morphio: don’t pay for dumb data. What we mean is, a data point is only as good as the context it is presented in. In isolation a data point means nothing, compared to a previous date range, related to a target, contextualized with other metrics – suddenly the value is huge. Sometimes even contextualized data can be hard to sift through; that’s where visualization can help – and that’s exactly what informed the development of the PPC investigator.

You can find this feature at the top of all our ad platform reports. It lays out your performance metrics and how they relate to each other. CPA too high? Conversions dropping? Follow the metrics attached to each to determine which data points have contributed.

Thank you to all of our users for your continued support and feedback on how we can continue to improve our platform. Keep your feedback coming!

Thank you,

The Morphio Team

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