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Morphio for Big Brands

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We don’t hide the fact that Morphio was born out of a digital marketing agency, in fact, we wear it with pride. A digital marketing insights tool made by digital marketers. It acts as some assurance to our users to know that we have felt the pain of budget overspend and results going awry first hand. Morphio exists precisely as an effort to counteract the many pain points that digital marketers experience. That we experienced. There is a misconception however that Morphio, with its history in agency, is therefore an agency tool. And while there are features within Morphio that are clearly there to cater to those with a large client book versus an in-house marketing team, the truth is that it can be the perfect tool for big brands. Let’s look at why:

Look at your marketing data holistically.

If you’re part of a team for a medium to large sized brand, chances are your paid search, social and display teams are separated into silos. They work independently and oftentimes without understanding the significance and role of their counterparts. Indeed the great challenge of large and siloed marketing teams is a method or platform for transparency between them. Often times the person with a holistic view of the data is part of an analytics team that sit separately from marketing. That’s where Morphio comes into play. Especially with its Budget/Campaign Group feature, managers and VPs can look at the performance of blended data based on objective e.g. Awareness, Consideration and Intent

Data-driven quarterly/annual planning.

Plan out the quarter with the right data. Companies often fixate on comping year over year numbers which often leads to tunnel vision. Allow data-driven insights to dictate how your company should invest its marketing dollars for the quarter.

Closely monitor peak retail moments

Peak retail moments can be make or break for in-house marketing teams. Going into black friday/cyber monday, back to school, boxing day sales can be nerve wracking because your team hitting its annual targets are going to hang on these few moments. If something goes wrong, a budget tops out, a campaign’s results go awry, or a credit card fails it can have catastrophic implications. A tool that monitors your whole digital marketing ecosystem and, crucially, alerts you when something goes wrong can provide some insurance and is an absolute necessity for an in-house team cognizant of risk mitigation.

The Marketers vs Sales dynamic

It’s an accepted trope of basically every company, sales is usually hounding marketers for more and more leads (and we’re no exception). Morphio’s easy-to-read-easy-to-understand interface can help bridge the information gap. Digital marketers can send customized reports to their sales team to see how many leads are coming in – what’s more, those reports update in real-time, so no need for the constant hounding for updated data – the ability to append notes also gives marketers the opportunity to contextualize the results that pour in. The greater the level of communication between the two team, the better. A third player in this dynamic is the finance team, Morphio’s presentation of up-to-date spend against targets keeps the accountants happy.

If you’re part of a brand’s in-house marketing team, chances are the day-to-day optimization might not differ massively from your agency counterparts. However, some of the organizational challenges almost certainly will. Fortunately, Morphio’s founding principles of data transparency, easy-to-read-easy-to-understand, data monitoring & alerts means that it is well placed to solve any issue that, at its core, requires a greater speed of understanding and greater visibility regardless of the business model.

We’re in the process of reaching out and talking to a number of the medium-large brands that use Morphio within their in-house marketing team, so we’ll continue to revisit this subject with specific use cases.

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