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Morphio Named 4th Highest Rated Marketing Analytics Software by G2

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Eric Vardon
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Marketers wear a lot of hats. And, that means more problems to solve. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, too. It happens. Campaigns are forgotten to be turned on, budget settings aren’t tweaked, tracking breaks, and performance dips—which always results in unhappy clients.

The reality is that too many marketers are old school with their technology and processes. Too many marketers are ‘manually checking the car’ before driving it. Sure, we used to check the tire pressure and oil before driving, but now most people are alerted to issues with technology. 

Too many marketers waste precious time and energy continuously ‘looking under the hood’ rather than relying on smarter technology and alerts. That’s we developed the world’s first marketing security software at Morphio—we think of Morphio like the ‘check engine’ light in cars. It is an early detection and warning system for performance issues and marketing failures.

To top it off, I’m extremely excited for marketers to discover Morphio and validate our direction after being named the 4th highest rated Marketing Analytics software on G2!

G2 is the internet’s largest tech marketplace to review, manage, and find new technologies. They’ve raised $100m to build their platform, supporting companies like IBM, Inuit, and Salesforce.

When we first started out with G2, Morphio had ten reviews and ranked 36th overall in the Marketing Analytics category. We’re now ranked 25th with 15 reviews and were named the 4th Highest Rated and 12th Easiest to Use!

I’m extremely satisfied to see that both Ease of Admin and Ease of Use scored above average at 9.7/10 and at 9.2/10 respectively. We work hard at Morphio to make our marketing security software improve customer’s campaigns, spending, and security with as little effort as possible on their end.

This is just the beginning, too. We are constantly developing new features and integrations to make Morphio as powerful as ever. As a matter of fact, we’re creating an entirely new vertical

We call it ‘Marketing Security’.

Right now, Morphio sends users alerts for good and bad data spikes. Our AI detects anomalies faster and deeper than humans could by themselves. Users receive a notification and address the problem. 

This is similar to our SEO anomalies feature that detects keyword ranking changes, metadata issues, content optimizations, and more. Additionally, you can be alerted when these changes occur to competitor’s websites for analyzing their search strategies.

Our software also finds the most profitable customer profiles so you can target audiences that generate the most clicks, conversions, and revenue. How many times have you had to experiment and do lengthy A/B split tests to find valuable audiences?

We know firsthand as a startup that budget is one of the most important things in business, too. Our budget protection feature highlights campaigns likely to hit KPIs while flagging those that are throwing money down the drain.

Last but not least, Morphio’s real-time data allows customers to take action now, not tomorrow. Business moves fast and you can’t be relying on lagging batched data. Live data and automated visualization make easy-to-read reports based on metrics that matter to your business.

The feedback we’ve received from G2 not only validates our platform and gives us insight into how to continue developing it, but it’s extremely motivating.

Try Morphio today for free and experience the peace of mind that only marketing security can offer.

Eric Vardon Profile image

Eric Vardon

CEO, Co-Founder @ Morphio

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