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Morphio Updates: New Features for September 2019

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The Morphio team has been hard at work making our platform more robust, user-friendly and ultimately more useful. We released some new features at the beginning of September that we’d love to share with you!

Goals / KPI Customization :

Every business wants to track their marketing efforts to a financial outcome, yet individual tools actually leave us disconnected from ROI. Morphio now allows you to select which KPI’s you want your marketing to achieve and from there, Morphio ensures that you are on track. 

Our KPI dashboard without goals set. You’ll want to click on “Set Goal” or “KPI Settings “to get started.
Pick and choose the goals that best apply to you!

In order to customize KPI’s, click the “KPI Settings” button which will open up a pop-up sidebar where you will be able to pick a list of up to ten KPI’s for your dashboard. (see image above).

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Set and monitor your marketing goals

Use our slider function in order to select an increase or decrease over previous months actual numbers

Once you’ve selected the KPI’s that you want to appear in your Dashboard, you will then be able to set your monthly digital marketing goals. You will have the option to either add an absolute number as a goal or Morphio will advise you what your previous month data was (if applicable) and you can use the % slider to increase or decrease your goals from there. (see image below).

You will have the option to carry all of these goals forward for 6 months. Yes, you can edit at any time and if you wish to continue to carry forward, the six-month timeframe will restart from the date of the edit. Daily Anomalies will then appear in Platform or Slack and will ensure that your team always knows where your KPI’s are at and what to prioritize. 

An example of a negative CPA anomaly in Slack

Monitor Budgets:

We’ve added more customization, flexibility, and usability to the budget section of Morphio. You can now enter your monthly budgets by individual platform – Google Analytics, Facebook (Includes Instagram), Google (Includes Display, Search & YouTube) and Microsoft Advertising (Ads Only).

Setting up your monthly budgets is quick and easy and they can be carried forward for six months
Your monthly media budgets as they will appear in your Dashboard.

Once your budgets have been set up, Morphio will report on how your marketing spend is tracking against the budgets that you have set.

Filtered Anomalies :

Our customers love anomalies and we’ve now made it easier than ever to navigate them with our new filters feature.

This new feature will allow you to quickly select which metrics you’d like to see (i.e CPL, Conversions), which level of anomalies (i.e Level 2 / Level 3) and which Trend (i.e Negative) and once those filters are applied, Morphio will only show you the anomalies that meet those filtered criteria.

We have a lot of great new features in our roadmap and as these features are built and released, we’ll continue to share them via our blog, stay tuned!

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