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5 Reasons Marketers Need Natural Language Processing

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AI is the next big thing. Actually, let me take that back: it already is.

The use of artificial intelligence has grown 270% over the last four years alone.

There are also hundreds of different forms of AI and thousands of ways a business can implement them to drive revenue and growth.

One of the most popular applications is something called natural language processing or NLP for short.

Businesses can adopt NLP software for a variety of things: understanding customers’ thoughts, improving branding, enhancing marketing messages, and so much more.

Let me elaborate.

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What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing is an area of AI that allows a computer to understand, study, and decipher human speech or text. See where I’m going with this?

AI extracts the words from pages, documents, and other material to find patterns that can be replicated in other marketing channels for performance boosts.

The NLP process works like so:

It begins with receiving input. This could be a document, speech, blog post; you name it.

AI determines the sequences of words and how they are structured together. It’s able to find the meaning of each word and why it’s used.

Finally, it determines the overall meaning of purpose of the sentences. This data can then be used for many different practices.

That brings me to my next point.

How is natural language processing used in marketing?

Let’s talk about the meat and potatoes of why you’re here. These are ways you can implement NLP to start getting more performance out of your marketing campaigns:

1. Extracting keywords from pages

SEO is critical for any online business. And, what’s one of the most important parts of a profitable SEO strategy?

Keyword research.

While you could spend hours using Spyfu, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or another tool for finding keywords, NLP does it automatically.

It works like this:

  1. NLP software analyzes a competitor’s page or SERPs.
  2. It discovers all of the recurring words and phrases.
  3. You can use these keywords to outrank competitors.

Take this a step further with Morphio. Log in and visit the “SEO Anomalies” section. Enter a competitor’s URL in the dashboard.

You will then be alerted of changes in metadata including keyword rankings and content. Click an anomaly card to see the exact changes.

Use competitors practices to improve your website’s SEO and rankings while staying one step ahead of them thanks to NLP.

2. Automatically generating sales copy

Sales copy is emotional. Creative. Unique.

While I don’t believe that robots will take over and replace every copywriter on earth, we’re seeing fascinating progress thanks to NLP.

Look at Persado for illustration:

They have an artificial intelligence that can generate sales copy for short advertisements in the snap of a finger.

No long-form sales letters, blog posts, or content. But, hey, it’s a start!

This works by using natural language processing to look at a brand’s previous good performing campaigns, ads, and assets to find winning traits.

What words did they use?

What calls to action worked best?

The AI is breaking down elements of the copy like this. Then, it creates and suggests ad copy for the customer to continue driving revenue and positive ROI.

You can reap similar benefits by navigating to any of the pages under Morphio’s “Live Data” section. 

I’ll use Google Ads to get my point across.

Filter by metrics such as conversion rate or CPA.

Then, investigate the ad copy for these to determine what calls to action and messaging can be used in future advertisements to drive the same results.

3. Brand monitoring

You could wait around on social media playing whack-a-mole every time a complaint or comment comes up. Or, you could work smarter and use NLP.

Language AI is capable of analyzing social channels, product reviews, testimonials, and similar information to find sentiment analysis. A.K.A what most people think of and say about your brand.

This is beneficial for finding positive and negative comments for improving branding, marketing messages, and product positioning. 

In fact, consistent branding increases revenue by 23%.

Customers recognize your brand more often, build trust with it, and see that you stick to your guns. All of which help drive sales and loyal recurring purchases.

4. Influencer marketing

Did you know that the automotive company Kia used natural language processing during the 2016 Super Bowl to find influencers who matched their brand and values?


Their goal was simple: find influencers who can promote Kia’s campaign before and after it ran to maximize awareness.

So, they opted to use IBM’s Watson software to identify social media influencers that had personality traits like “openness to change,” “artistic interest,” and “achievement striving.”

They choose 100 influencers in total.

They sent these individuals socks to wear for creating content and asked them to use Kia’s hashtag. It was win-win.

This was also the concept for the commercial you can watch below.

This helped Kia reach millions of highly targeted consumers all thanks to AI.

5. Conversational chatbots

Have you ever spoken with a chat representative on a website or Facebook for example?

I have some shocking news to tell you: it was probably a robot.

This is one of the most effective applications of NLP. But, it’s not in the way you might think.

Natural language processing improves the backend of chatbot systems by taking the thousands of conversations it has stored in its database to find trends.

How do customers speak?

What do they ask about the most?

This information is used to make chatbot scripts that answer the most commonly asked questions and speak in a way that makes customers comfortable.

Natural language processing marketing summary

NLP is a worthwhile investment for any business looking to get an edge, stay modern, and enhance marketing campaigns.

Natural language processing can be used for heaps of purposes including:

  1. Extract search terms from pages to speed up keyword research and enhance SEO strategies.
  2. Automatically generate high-performance sales copy for advertisements.
  3. Brand monitoring to determine sentiment for adjusting messaging and positioning.
  4. Finding influencers that match your company’s values.
  5. Optimizing conversational chatbots to speak in a way that resonates with a customer base as much as possible.

Want to experience the benefits of AI marketing software? Try Morphio today for free. Our platform automatically finds profitable marketing opportunities, analyzes competitors SEO, alerts you of campaign failures, and more.

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