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Norwegian agency, Mikalsen Utvikling shares the benefits of automated monitoring

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We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Simen Gundersen, a quick thinking and results-driven account manager from Norway.

Tell us about your agency

Mikalsen Utvikling is a development agency based in Norway with a highly specific client base. Our main goal is to contribute to targeted and goal-oriented progress for growing companies, using systematic SEO and various digital marketing methods.

We foster a tightly knit collaboration with each and every client, which also means getting continual feedback at each and every step of our collaborative journey. This partnership approach allows us to maintain a highly agile workflow and stay ahead in the fast-paced and always evolving digital marketing game.

What type of clients do you work with?

While the majority of our client base is rather specific, we work closely with service-based businesses like local plumbers and electricians, we also have great relationships with select businesses such as lan for deg (Loans for you) – the hub for all things finance in Norway.  While we continue to cultivate a versatile portfolio with clients across all sorts of markets and industries, we always stay true to our goal-driven mission of helping companies grow and scale.

What do your clients say about you?

We have made many great friends along the way. From our humble beginnings in 2015, only one client has left our portfolio.

Our client CVGuru said: “What truly sets Mikalsen Utvikling apart from its competitors are the favorable terms and services they offer. The continual follow-up and tailored solutions have helped CVGuru immensely in reaching our short- and long-term goals. The ‘no binding’ agency fee policy is also a huge plus.”

In other words: We like to consider our clients more like partners than customers.

What’s your favorite color?

That’s a tough one! Blue and orange are worthy contenders, but there’s nothing like seeing green numbers in our clients’ portfolios.

What’s in your tech stack?

Mikalsen Utvikling works with 100% remote teams and requires a wide range of technologies to make the magic happen. To mention some, we utilize Slack for communication, Google for work when handling emails and documents, Managewp for full control of all websites, and Clickup for delegating tasks.

And finally, Morphio for staying on top of our numbers.

What are you hoping Morphio can do for you?

At the time of writing, we have scoured through countless tools and systems for managing our digital marketing efforts and finances. None truly felt tailored to us, until we tried Morphio about a month ago. Achieving our budget goals and KPIs has never been easier.

What benefits do you get from using Morphio?

The platform gives us an extremely organized overview of everything concerning our customers, including ads, traffic, conversions and spending. It gives us peace of mind knowing that Morphio monitors everything, and that we will receive alerts whenever something needs our attention.

With a large client base, automated monitoring is not merely a luxury – it is a timesaving necessity to continually deliver strong results for our customers.

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