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Product Update: Media Margin Rules, SEO Audits and ecommerce Category Anomaly Detection

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Product Update: Media Margin Rules, SEO Audits and ecommerce Category Anomaly Detection Featured Image


Agency Owners: If your agency charges fees based on a percentage of media spend keep reading below.

SEO Leaders: check out our new SEO Auditing approach. We now offer 18 different ‘Vitals’ to audit your technical SEO.

ecommerce Leaders: you can now detect Anomalies in your Product Categories including unexpected behavior related to Sold Items, Revenue and Average Order.

Margin Rules

Mark-up or add a margin percentage to your advertising spend. This functionality is available for Super-Users and Admins and has been built for agencies that charge fees based on a percentage media spend. 

Stop recalculating your advertising data before you share it with your clients. 

Margin Rules can be accessed from Account Settings in the side navigation. Rules, percentages, start and end dates are all set at the advertising platform level such as Google Ads.

Note: if you add a Margin Rule in the middle of the month, the rule will only apply from the date the rule is active. 

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SEO Updates

SEO Performance has been split into two sub-navigation items: SERP Changes and SEO Audits

  • Monitor → SERP Changes has new local functionality. Account Location can now be customized for location-specific SERP data. Note: you will need to update your setting for ‘Account Location’. The default Morphio setting is the Google Analytics default location: CA-2, California – United States.
  • Monitor → SEO Audits can now be completed for 18 individual SEO Vitals (such as Page Title, First H1, etc). Two new SEO Vitals have been added including Schemas and Word Count
  • Page Indexiblity is now also automatically tracked and is shown on the main table of the SEO Audits page

ecommerce Updates

  • Anomalies are now detected for ecommerce Categories including Sold Items, Revenue and Average Order Value
  • Filtering capability has been added for ecommerce Anomalies (accessed from ‘Anomalies’ on the side navigation)
  • Top Products and Top Product Categories are now included in the reporting pages (Reporting → Google Analytics)
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