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Achieving 15x E-Commerce Growth, and More with Elias Manopla of Simplify Ecommerce

Achieving 15x E-Commerce Growth, and More with Elias Manopla of Simplify Ecommerce Featured Image


I had the opportunity to speak with one of Morphio’s happy customers, Elias Manopla in today’s customer success episode.

Elias is the Founder of the Panama based e-commerce agency called Simplify Ecommerce. He builds Shopify Plus stores that help clients drive revenue and develop customer loyalty.

In this ad-hoc video podcast, we discuss everything from how he got his start in the e-commerce world, the agency side of the business, his experience with Morphio, managing client reports, and more.

How Elias got his start in business

Like most of us, Elias didn’t start out in e-commerce or business. He comes from humble beginnings graduating from college after studying computer science.

He then worked in the telecommunications industry for 12 years before transitioning into the retail industry. As we discuss in the video, he wanted something new, fresh, and exciting to do. Retail did just the trick. 

This experience helped him land positions like being in charge of digital marketing at a television station and as a CIO of a big Panama retailer.

Elias continued to fall in love with e-commerce and develop skills that would later help him launch his own businesses.

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Becoming his own ideal client

One of the coolest parts of Elias’ journey is that he created a successful e-commerce business called Meat House. Naturally, he found out what strategies work, what doesn’t, and how to succeed in e-commerce.

As I’ll discuss in a moment, this helped him launch his own agency after friends and family needed help to do the same. The successful processes Elias finds he shares and applies to client projects.

Launching Simplify Ecommerce and thoughts on Morphio

With nearly a decade of digital marketing and e-commerce experience, Elias created his own agency servicing Panama based retailers.

He develops Shopify Plus stores that are aligned with each clients’ brand, ideal customer, business objectives, and goals. All of these are neatly packaged into beautiful online stores that convert. He also builds them into funnels using digital marketing, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.

Best of all? He uses Morphio to manage client spend, data variances and to protect his team’s performance. Before moving to Morphio, he used an old system that many of us are guilty of emails, screenshots, and no standard process. Just winging it with each report.

In his own words, “Morphio had been golden, since day one.” Want to see for yourself? Try Morphio today for free.

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