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Surviving Uncertainty, Building Your A-Team, and more with Ryan Shelley of SMA Marketing

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Eric Vardon
Surviving Uncertainty, Building Your A-Team, and more with Ryan Shelley of SMA Marketing Featured Image


I had the pleasure to speak with one of Morphio’s fantastic customers Ryan, from the inbound marketing agency SMA Marketing. Ryan has been working in digital marketing full time for the past 10 years and has been featured on websites such as HubSpot, SearchEngineLand, and MarketingLand. 

We did an ad-hoc video podcast to discuss how he grew his agency, his definition of inbound marketing, and what businesses need to do to secure growth during uncertainty. Other things you can look forward to including:

  • How to build a skilled team and keep them happy.
  • Why you need to be patient and build a business for the long-term.
  • How Ryan onboards clients and decides who he wants to work with.
  • Why marketers need to use tools and automation to work smarter.
  • And more!

How Ryan got his start in digital marketing

Ryan, like many of us, started in a career and treated digital marketing as a passionate side hustle. He was educated in video production, so he naturally launched a video production company on the side of his job. He realized that word of mouth and social media were generating enough leads to pursue his passion full time. So he did.

Narrowing down his focus

Ryan did everything under the sun: social media, analytics, web design; if you had a cheque, he’d do it. We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, he realized that it’s a guaranteed way to get frustrated, churn accounts, and make running an agency much more difficult. That’s why he narrowed down his focus over the years to his core competency. Inbound marketing.

Nowadays, Ryan helps businesses climb the SERPs, create content for every stage of the buyer journey, design delightful websites, and more. 

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How businesses can survive in the long term

It’s easy to contract and become reactive with the current economic climate. However, that’s not what Ryan believes digital agencies should do. In fact, it’s the opposite. Ryan thinks that in a term of uncertainty, it’s effective to get back to your roots. Go hard on projects, services, and clients that bring the best out of your business.

Furthermore, Ryan takes advantage of tools, automation, and technology like Morphio to work smarter. This enables him and his team to get more done in a shorter amount of time and gain valuable insights they otherwise might’ve missed. Want to see for yourself? Try Morphio today for free.

Eric Vardon Profile image

Eric Vardon

CEO, Co-Founder @ Morphio

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