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Targeted Awareness: Performance Marketing Meets Awareness Advertising

Targeted Awareness: Performance Marketing Meets Awareness Advertising Featured Image


Legacy marketers and big brands often have the budgets to put awareness marketing at the forefront of their digital strategies, with the hope that impressions and repetition can help drive consumers down the funnel from awareness, through consideration, and finally to purchase. 

The reality is that many brands and advertisers don’t have the deep pockets, or patience, of a Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, or Apple, so how can smaller brands compete with these larger companies when it comes to important awareness tactics? And how can awareness tactics contribute to performance-focused marketing?

The answer is targeted awareness. The traditional “big shout” method of advertising (big bold messages in many high-traffic areas, both online and offline) can work, but often only at scale.

The good news is that targeting with digital advertising platforms makes it easy to execute digital awareness tactics (such as display, video, and social campaigns), while also layering on user targeting such as interests, demographics, and psychographics. By modestly dialing-in your targeting at this stage you can essentially bring a level of targeting to your awareness tactic – an effective way to execute top-of-funnel advertising, while also putting performance and budget efficiency at the forefront. Don’t get too detailed at this stage, but be sure to use the digital marketing insights tools you have at your disposal to inform your targeting decisions.

When you’re ready to move down the funnel a little more (to consideration), get a little tighter on your targeting and also consider bringing in topic and placement targeting to align your message to the user and the context of their media consumption.

Stay tuned for more from Morphio regarding performance marketing and how agencies and advertisers can put performance first, regardless of channel or tactic.

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