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The Most Common Mistakes Agencies Make (And How To Solve Them)

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Mistakes happen to every agency, even the most successful ones. 

Over the course of the decade, we’ve owned and led one of the fastest growing agencies in North America. We’ve managed thousands of campaigns and millions in ad spend. Yet no matter how great our team was, we still encountered issues in the manual execution of work. 

What we learned is that many common mistakes are entirely preventable — especially when you’re able to defend against marketing failures using the power of automation. This is why Morphio was built. 

To get to the root of the most common agency problems, we went straight to the source — you! We had 301 digital marketing leaders share their top challenges to see how our AI-powered auditing, monitoring, and analysis tools could boost your ROI and reduce manual data work. The result was our Agency Confessions Report

What did we learn? Well, read on below to find out.

Agency Need: Budget Monitoring & PPC Budget Audit


  • Credit Card/Payment failures
  • Campaign Spend Left On (set it and forget it)
  • Over/Under Spending

Our survey found that 33 percent of agencies experience credit card or payment failures, the most common mistake of them all. Thirty-one percent reported leaving campaign spend on while 27 percent said they over or underspend on ad campaigns.

These errors are fairly self-explanatory but worth repeating. If a credit card or payment fails, your ads don’t run. If you leave your campaign spend on, you’ll blow right past your budget. And if you underspend on your ad campaigns, you’re just leaving money and opportunity on the table. 

Your stakeholders expect you to keep your ad spend on budget. Spend too much, and they won’t be happy. Spend too little, and your ads won’t perform. And remember — underspending your ad budget isn’t saving your money — it’s costing you clicks and conversions. 

Of course, failed payments interrupts ads and is a bad look for your business reputation. 

The common solution for them all? Budget monitoring and PPC budget audit

Morphio’s budget monitoring system will monitor your digital ad spend and alert you so you can avoid overspending or underspending your ad dollars. Your agency (and your clients, for that matter), will appreciate that you’re on top of the ad budgets and that you can provide insights and reports quickly. 

Plus, the AI-powered PPC budget audit can forecast your daily media spend, clicks, and conversions, every day, in just minutes. It helps your team stop chasing data and gives them insights you can use to make smarter decisions with your ad spend.

Agency Need: Landing Page Monitoring

Mistakes: Dead, Incorrect, or Broken Links and Forms

According to our survey, 29 percent of agencies reported making mistakes on landing pages in the form of dead, incorrect, or broken links and forms. Any one of these errors that lead to poor landing pages can harm the performance of ad campaigns and create a negative user experience. 

A dead page is horrific for not only your ad performance, but also your SEO. And if your ad leads to an incorrect or broken link or form, your quality score will suffer, and you will be paying for clicks that don’t even deliver your target customers to your intended location. That’s poor attention to detail and a waste of your ad dollars. 

With Morphio Landing Page Monitoring, you’ll never send paid traffic to broken landing pages again. Morphio will alert you if a landing page goes down and will even let you know if your page’s organic SEO score is low. These alerts will help you improve your landing page to help optimize your ad performance. 

Agency Need: Goal Tracking, Anomalies

Mistake: Broken Tracking 

Broken tracking is another potential cause of ad failure that 28 percent of agencies encounter. When your tracking is broken, you won’t know where your clicks are coming from. This means you won’t have any way to accurately track the success of your ad campaigns. That’s not a great look!

You need to be able to prove that your ad spend is worthwhile and delivering strong ROI. If your tracking is broken, you can’t do that, and will either have to make something up on the fly, or admit incompetence. But rather than manually scan for anomalies, you can let AI do the work for you. 

Morphio’s anomaly detection alerts you to failures, mistakes, opportunities and trends faster than humanly possible. Meanwhile, goal tracking pays attention to your progress and keeps you moving efficiently toward you goals. 

Combined, these tools help agencies avoid costly mistakes that harm or even derail their ad campaigns. 

Agency Need: Audience Segmentation

Mistakes: Wrong Targeting

Twenty nine percent of agencies admitted to wrong targeting with their ads. If you’re spending a lot of marketing dollars on ads and getting good click rates and site visitors but not still not driving any conversions, then it is likely that you’re targeting the wrong audience. This is quite the costly swing and a miss as you’re getting clicks from the wrong people. 

Clicks may look great to the uninitiated, but smart managers and stakeholders know that they mean nothing when it comes to sales. You need the right people viewing and clicking your ads and smart targeting is what brings them in.  

AI-powered audience segments can analyze your target audience performance to help you identify your high and low converting customers to make sure the right people are seeing your ads. Our AI-powered suggestions tool will offer suggestions based on data to help you make faster decisions and get the most ROI out of your campaigns.


As you can see using these real-world examples straight from real agencies, the most common mistakes agencies make can be prevented and/or solved with the powerful AI provided by Morphio. Our tools are the perfect solution to help your agency get the most out of your ad spend while allowing your team to work on strategic initiatives instead of being bogged down trying to decipher data.
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