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Working with Morphio means prioritizing effort and impact while increasing leads and sales.

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Reporting → Monthly Goals

Bring your key business goals to the forefront by setting KPIs for your campaign.

Morphio’s machine learning technology will optimize for insights that advance your goals to make the most out of your digital marketing efforts.

  • See how your performance is trending toward your goals
  • Get a snapshot of your marketing success in one simple dashboard
  • Track your revenue, sales, traffic, conversion rate, spend, cost-per-lead, and more

Reporting → Channel Data

Stop jumping between platforms and see your marketing data for Search, Display, and social media — all in one place.

Focus on the metrics that matter the most to your business with Morphio’s simple data visualization.

  • Provides clarity and consistency of data — something often not found within platforms built for experts
  • See separate analysis for branded and generic keywords
  • Combine like-channels to get a blended view of data

Anomaly Detection

Get real-time alerts about irregularities in your campaigns with Morphio’s anomaly detection.

When a significant difference is detected, Morphio notifies you through Slack and in-platform — without the need of digging into each platform. Track your data across different channels, metrics, and sources on a daily basis.

  • Identifies anomalies including sessions, goal completions, transactions, conversion rate, bounce rate, spend, quality score, and more
  • Gives detailed, easy-to-understand descriptions of the abnormalities
  • Allows for in-platform discussion about individual anomalies to take immediate action

Audience Segmentation

Discover which audiences are the most and least lucrative for your business to help you focus your efforts and marketing spend.

Morphio’s algorithm analyzes your website traffic on a monthly basis to identify and group users into segments based on the profile similarity of the audience, their engagements, and their chance of conversion.

  • Shows audience characterizations like device category, gender, age bracket, interests, country, region, and city
  • Details the unique website path of your converted segments ranked in order of highest number of users, the ages with the highest number of sessions and the keywords with the highest number of sessions.
  • Stop wasting marketing spend on audiences who don’t convert

Competitor Insights

Set competitor domains and keep track of what they’re doing to benchmark your SEO efforts in real time and gain share of voice.

  • See changes competitors make to their website optimization, content, and metadata that positively or negatively impacts their ranking on SERPs.
  • Prioritizes the work your team needs to do to organically outrank competitors and increase your overall search ranking with Morphio's content suggestion engine.
  • Correlates between a branded competitor that you perceive as a competitor and a real competitor as it relates to technical website SEO or keyword structure