Use AI-powered anomalies to optimize efficiently

Shortcut to the campaigns and metrics that need your attention

Back when Morphio was first starting, we looked at how we could make digital marketers more efficient and discovered there’s one task that takes more time than any other: investigation. Trawling through platforms and campaigns looking for anomalous data.

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Anomaly cards

What is Anomaly Detection?

Morphio’s anomalies feature is designed to cut out that investigation time by point digital marketers straight to where KPIs are exhibiting negative trends.

After you connect your analytics and advertising platforms, Morphio learns how your business performs and predicts expected future behaviour. When a significant difference from the expected behaviour is detected – Morphio alerts you.

Morphio predicts future weekly, daily and hourly behaviour.

For example, a Daily Anomaly calculation includes an analysis of performance data (the last 3 days, the same day last month and the same day last year) in addition to seasonality data (the day of the week, day of the month and month of the year).

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Marketing anomaly card diagram with legend



Morphio’s algorithm detects marketing and analytics anomalies faster and deeper than humanly possible.


Our risk-detection will alert you via Slack, email or in-platform, saving your team time and money.


Select your desired anomaly level(s) and show or track across slight to extreme changes.

Marketing Anomaly Cards

What You Will See

  1. Anomaly Metrics Detected
  2. Channel (Paid Social, Organic)
  3. Anomaly Levels
  4. Actual Values
  5. The expected range of the values
  6. Related Goals
  7. Severity – Colours


In-Platform, @mention to get someone’s attention — Write a comment & start a chat with team members to create a dialog on a specific Anomaly.

What's Tracked

The below shows the metrics, dimensions, and channels that Morphio tracks for anomalies:

  • Multichannel anomalies
  • Device/Country anomalies
  • Spend anomalies
  • Campaign anomalies
  • Search keywords
  • Search ad anomalies

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