AI-Powered Placement Auditing

Put your Advertising Placements on Autopilot

Placements on the Google Display Network (GDN) and YouTube can vary significantly in quality. If placements are not continually audited and excluded they will poison your return-on-ad-spend.

Take advantage of our Autopilot feature to automatically audit and exclude ineffective placements from your ad campaigns.

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There's no more guessing in advertising, but there are some ugly new surprises

Even when campaigns are set up properly by seasoned experts, there is still a very high probability of ineffective placements on the GDN and YouTube that are draining your budgets with no potential for success — every day.

Morphio protects you from ineffective placements with AI-powered audits & exclusions.

Each week, Morphio audits all placements on the Google Display Network and YouTube from the previous seven days and using a scoring system, determines which placements should be added as exclusions going forward.

Morphio scores each placement on a variety of criteria including conversions, view-through conversions, impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and media spend. 

After scoring the placements, Morphio adds the lowest-performing placements to the Placements Exclusions list within Morphio. At this point you can manually exclude the ineffective placements, or you can take advantage of our Autopilot feature to automatically exclude placements from your ad campaigns. 

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