Connecting Slack

Connect your Slack account to Morphio and receive real-time alerts about campaign anomalies and site performance, profitable audience segments, and competitor SEO changes.

To connect Slack, navigate to your Morphio Control Panel and select the View that you want Slack to be connected to. Then, go to the “Settings” page (click the cog on the bottom right of the UI). Follow the instructions on the pop-up page in order to complete the Slack integration.

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Create A New Channel

Launch Slack and click on “Create a Channel”. If you choose “Private”, you need to invite “Morphio APP” to the channel. Click the “Create Channel” button. This channel will be used to send all alerts related to this view to your team. Yes, you can create more than one channel per view.

It is suggested to name the channel based on how you will reference this view with your team(s) in Slack.

Use An Existing Channel

If your existing channel is private, simply click View Channel Details, Scroll down to “+Add App”, and add “Morphio APP” to the channel.

Add Channels To Morphio:

Enter the Channel name that you just created inside your Slack channel (ie. #brand_new) and select “Add”.

Test & Configure Channels

Test your Channel Slack integration and ensure alerts are on their way!

You can control if you want to receive all anomalies or only the critical ones (anomalies which happens three days in a row) using the checkmark under “Notifications”.

What does an Anomaly Slack notification mean?

  1. Name of the account that this anomaly belongs to
  2. Emojis:
    ? – Significant positive changes
    ? – Significant negative changes
    ⚠️ – Slight positive/negative changes
  3. Recent value(s)
  4. The expected range of the values for this date, channel, and metric
  5. Dark and light green colors in the anomaly card represent positive changes in your data. Red and orange colors show negative changes in your data.
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