Platform Settings

Platform settings is where you’ll be able to update and manage all of the user settings for your company. In order to get to platform settings, go to the account name in the far right corner and click the down arrow, a menu will appear where you’ll be able to click “Platform Settings”.


In the overview section, you will be able to edit your Company Name, upload an image of your company logo and also add your company Hex Brand Colour. Your company logo and Brand Colour will then appear on weekly emails and shareable links.

Team Members

In this area of Platform Settings, you’ll be able to invite new users, delete users and also edit users permissions.


In the Connections tab, all of your platform connections will be listed, you’ll be able to delete connections or reconnect them if there are any issues.

Plans & Billing

In this tab, you’ll be able to change your plan, monitor your plan’s usage of accounts, edit your payment method and also add a Billing Email.


In this tab, all of your monthly invoices will be listed with their dollar amount, payment status and a link to the invoice URL where you’ll also be able to download the invoice as a PDF.

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