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The 9 Best SEO Tools to Maximize Search Performance

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Eric Vardon
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Serious about SEO and Search Performance?

Then every process and campaign is magnified tenfold. One of which is search engine optimization.

SEO is already a complicated and difficult strategy to execute.

Google uses over 200 factors to rank websites and that means 200 more things to optimize.

Unless, of course, you take advantage of SEO enterprise tools.

These are software committed to helping large companies secure their search presence, link profiles, and technical aspects while maximizing return.

Kick back and enjoy this list of the best SEO tools for enterprises you can use to experience those benefits:

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Best SEO enterprise tools overview

PlatformStarting priceDemoWebsite

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs—one of the most powerful SEO platforms—offers enterprises all of the tools they need to excel in search engines, including:

  1. Keyword rank tracking
  2. Site audits and analysis
  3. Keyword research
  4. Content exploration
  5. Daily alerts
  6. Brand monitoring
  7. Domain comparisons

The “Agency” plan priced at $999/month offers five users and 100 projects. However, you contact their sales team to create a custom plan based on individual data and reporting needs.

2. Moz

Moz is used by companies like Zillow, 99designs, and Trivago to research profitable keywords, build quality links, audit technical SEO aspects, and more.

Enterprises will also want to take advantage of the Mozscape API that they’ve been building for years to gain deeper insights, as well. 

It offers intelligent metrics and endless data that is used to build internal tools and unlock the full potential of Moz.

Recently they’ve made the addition of deep SERP technology called STAT which is extremely useful for enterprises. This is because it’s built for large-scale rank tracking and search analysis. 

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO suite that enterprises use to gain insights into marketing trends, industries, lucrative keywords, search data, and more.

Furthermore, they offer the largest keyword database in the world consisting of a jaw-dropping 8.3 billion search terms! If your organization finds keyword research a sticking point, keep this in mind.

Outside of SEO, you’ll also gain access to PPC reports, lead generation tools, and listing management. That means while the heart of its use is search optimization, it will improve other marketing campaigns, as well.

4. Conductor

The tools I’ve mentioned so far are flexible. They please everyone from the freelancer to Fortune companies. 

However, Conductor is different. They are SEO software made specifically for enterprises.

They offer a customer intelligence platform that conducts (no pun intended) deep analysis of customer behaviour, digital channels, and revenue sources

For illustration, Conductor delivers insights into what customers are searching organically, competitor’s strategies, new markets to enter, and real-time content recommendations.

5. ScreamingFrog

ScreamingFrog is the best technical analysis tool on the market. It does one job and it does it really damn well.

The free version crawls up to 500 URLs but I advise purchasing an annual license to remove the crawl limit and gain access to unlimited features. These include analysis of:

  1. Broken links
  2. Redirects
  3. Page titles and metadata
  4. Duplicate content
  5. Extract data
  6. Robots and directives
  7. XML sitemaps
  8. Javascript
  9. Error codes
  10. Site structure

Use this to optimize every nook and cranny of a website to quickly outrank competitors and offer a better user experience.

6. BrightEdge

BrightEdge’s platform focuses on enhancing five main SEO pillars: search, content, social, local, and mobile.

It firstly helps enterprises determine what customers are searching for to provide contextual offers. This can increase conversions and engagement as a result.

Next, BrightEdge aids in creating a content strategy that delivers a clear return and trusting relationships with readers. 

Boost your social campaigns with the platform’s social tools to continue reaching audiences and remarketing to those who haven’t taken action yet.

7. SearchMetrics

The Searchmetrics suite offers data-driven insights to maximize search and content performance.

There are four main elements of the platform beginning with Research Cloud. This is an on-demand market research feature that will help you find profitable audiences, topics, and markets.

Next, Content Experience aids enterprises in developing a content strategy, relevant subjects, and optimizing each article for search engines.

You are then able to track competitors and audit web properties to gain an edge on other sites in the SERPs.

8. Buzzstream

Outreach is a critical part of a successful SEO strategy. Building relationships and engaging with influencers aids in having content shared with a larger audience.

That’s where Buzzstream steps in.

Their platform helps you build a list of quality contacts that can be tapped when you want to share content, acquire links, or receive feedback.

The Buzzstream database contains an extensive array of influencers and contact information to continue building lead lists, as well.

9. Google Search Console

While you’ll have to dish out a decent amount of budget for most of the tools I’ve covered today, there’s one that’s completely free: Google Search Console.

This free platform from our good ‘ole friend Google allows webmasters to track a website’s performance in the SERPs.

You will gain access to performance data like impressions, average rank, and click-through rates.

Submit your sitemap and be instantly alerted of any crawling or indexing issues to address before they impact your enterprise’s SEO.


Everything is amplified while growing an enterprise. That includes SEO.

There are already heaps of tasks to handle, let alone when you’re scaling and reaching a gigantic audience.

Use one (or a combination) of the enterprise SEO tools I’ve touched on today to streamline link building, on-page optimization, content curation, and more.

Better yet, try Morphio today for free. Our marketing security software automatically tracks SEO metadata, competitors, and instantly alerts of you any organic search opportunities or risks.

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Eric Vardon

CEO, Co-Founder @ Morphio

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